Cheese & Wine

Don’t be cheesy! Learn how to match BRAVDO wine with cheese like an expert!

If you’re reading this, we already know you love to indulge in fine wine and excellent cuisine. Join us to learn a bit more on how to turn your next Cheese plate into a perfect match to your BRAVDO wine Bottle.

Let’s start our wine and cheese pairing with a BRAVDO favorite, Landmark 2B, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. What is the twist that makes this wine so wonderful? The grapes were harvested at full phenolic maturation stage and the fermenting process was enriched with Cabernet Franc skins. Serve Cheddar Cheese with BRAVDO’S Landmark 2B, a salty, creamy cheese that will work perfectly with it.

BRAVDO Rose is made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes. A dry Rose wine with a lovely fruit aroma, lingering nicely on the finish and providing a delicate pleasurable choice. Pair it with Parmesan Cheese for a complete, full flavor that will complement the gentle BRAVDO Rose’ and elevate the flavor of both elements.

BRAVDO Chardonnay is rich with fruity flavors. You can taste the vanilla and melon hints, serving you layers of aroma and flavor. Our wine has a slick, “Buttery” quality that fits perfect to the rich, earthy flavor of Gouda Cheese, cheese that has a deep flavor that matches the delicacy of the Chardonnay.

NEXT, we’ll get out of the box (or the cellar?) and introduce you to more classical pairings and recipes outside of the classical cheese world. Have a great, wine-filled day from BRAVDO!

Pictures by @MarieClaire