Landmark 2B - 2014

BRAVDO  Landmark 2B 2014 (Kosher)

BRAVDO wines are a product  of accumulated knowledge of the wine makers prof' Ben ami Bravdo and prof' Oded Shoseyov. 2B is the first in the new ''Landmark" premium wine series.

Landmark  2B is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot cultivated from selected outstanding quality vineyards. The grapes were harvested at full phenolic maturation stage and the fermenting must was enriched with Cabernet Franc  skins separated from an early stage of a parallel rose wine preparation.

Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation were conducted in temperature controlled stainless steel fermenters. The enriched must resulted in body, aroma and complexity enhancement of the wine. The wine was bottled after 24 months aging in French (75%) and American (25%) oak.